IMPACT offers a variety of profiles and facilitator guides available for purchase. The modular design and online tailoring features allow you to design a customized program that’s right for your organization. These self-development tools allow you to expand your awareness and grow. We are happy to discuss the solution that is the best fit for your organization.

Everything DiSC® Sales

Those in sales will focus on how to be flexible and connect to their customers.

Everything DiSC® Management

Managers identify how to adapt and bring out the best in each employee.

Everything DiSC Workplace®

Team members learn to appreciate and understand the styles of the people they work with resulting in better relationships.

Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders

Three personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness encourage you to develop your leadership talent.

Team Dimensions

As organizations rely more on teams to innovate, problem-solve, produce and compete at the speed of change, understanding and capitalizing on individual approaches to group processes is key to creating high-performance teams.

Discovering Diversity

The Discovering Diversity Profile helps individuals explore their own viewpoints on workplace diversity in four key areas: knowledge, understanding, acceptance and behavior and then helps them understand the effects of their viewpoints and behaviors.

Personal Listening

Effective communication starts with listening; estimates show that people screen out or misunderstand the meaning of a message in more than 70% of communications making listening the biggest contributing factor to miscommunication.

Time Mastery

The Time Mastery Profile is a complete assessment that helps individuals set priorities and manage their time more effectively.